Two Week Sticker Chart

This is part two in a series about potty training. See where it all began.

Two weeks have passed since we launched Graham’s potty training program. The first three days were horrific, but we’ve settled into a routine everyone can live with. Here are four discoveries we made along the way.

The first three days are hell. By the end of day three, I was ready to give up. Hands raw and cracking from contact with baby wipes, lip curled in a permanent look of disgust, and eyes blurring from vigilance, the first three days took a toll on my body. In the suffering, I contemplated the loss of three days and the possibility of starting over from scratch, which only added to the burden.

There are numerous accomplishments. Thanks to the Little One’s program I knew we’d have more than one hurdle to overcome, but I didn’t comprehend how many steps it would take. There are way more overlapping steps involved in using the restroom. Here’s an incomplete list of Graham’s accomplishments in no particular order:

Become comfortable with changes in one's routine1-4 hours
Make the connection between accidents and the potty6-12 hours
Realize one can control the 'event'8-12 hours
Decide it's worth trying to control the event many stars and celebrations
Discover the event can be extended beyond 0.5 seconds 3-5 days
Retain all poo to release only at sleep times from day 1

Nothing is safe. The floors will be doused, the furniture will be soaked, and any item below or near Graham is in the target range. With great effort, we protected a few large items, but that didn’t save my office chair or the light jacket I’d draped over it.

Victory is sweet. A week after we’d descended into potty training, Graham and I ventured to our favorite coffee shop. We ordered our usual spread - coffee for me, water for Graham, apple fritters to share - and had our usual rough-housing session on the shop’s black leather couch. Over an hour in, I asked Graham if he needed to use the potty. He affirmed, and we made our first attempt at a public restroom. Standing boldly on the toilet edge, Graham performed a 10-point ‘landing’. What pride I felt that our little boy, in a week, had achieved so much! We ate Amie’s apple fritter in celebration.