Amie and Alex on Lover's Lane

You’ll say I’m biased, but Amie is one of the most empathetic, feisty, tenacious, faithful, sassy women on planet Earth. If you don’t believe me, consider a few of my favorite facts:

  • Amie accepted an invitation to an Arizona internship simply because Jesus asked her “why not?” early the next morning. #faithful

  • Amie was sent home from the emergency room after a doctor concluded her case couldn’t possibly be severe or she’d be screaming. Later we learned she had internal hemorrhaging. The doctor was stunned. #tenacious

  • Amie leapt onto a four-foot dresser from my facial expression alone. I’d just watched a rat pass behind her leg. #acrobatic

  • Amie shouted apologies to her mom and me when, after ten rounds of crushing victories, she beat us for the eleventh time at Dutch Blitz. #feisty

  • Hours after Amie gave birth to our firstborn, in the middle of a loud snore, she bolted upright and sweetly said, “Come in!” to a nurse knocking on our hospital room door. #mother

Amie’s heart resonates with and her life expresses John’s vision of the tree of life in whose leaves are, “the healing of the nations (ESV, Revelation 22:2).” Her committed love is well-known to her friends scattered around the world. To this day, any one of them still enjoys peace and comraderie every time they connect.

When friends or strangers pray for Amie, the images that the Holy Spirit brings to mind are most often of a young, care-free girl doing something adventurous. Like climbing a tree in a blue and white paisley dress.

It’s been my joy and a wild ride to share the past six years with Amie. A toast to many more!