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The experience Rachel must have to know so many pitfalls astounds me. Her style, a kind of breathless enumeration, draws me in too, even though I only vaguely comprehend some of the content.


In spite of my happiness with my own site’s custom theme, I’m more than half tempted to switch to Hermit.


In search of a mid-size AngularJS codebase to glean others’ design practices, I discovered this beautifully organized project.


I’m excited to see that ‘Letters to a New Developer’ is available soon (on Aug 16!). Full of actionable advice and perspectives to help newer developers level up. Get 20% off a pre-order with the code GiveMeMoore08 at the Apress website.


What if it’s true that prayer moves forwards and backwards in time?

Intercessory prayer changes the future.

Direct prayer changes the present.

Emmanuel prayer changes the past.

Madeleine L’Engle’s exploration of spacetime in her Wrinkle in Time series leads to trippy ideas. Like folding space to travel without using time. Or folding time to travel without moving in space. Or prayer that transcends spacetime.


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