Graham on Alex's Shoulders

Welcome! You can call me Alex.

There's lots to explore here; let me give you a tour.

Ship's Log

I source most of my newsletter updates from things I've written in the log. It goes all the way back to 2020; a fun tour down memory lane.


I've structured the content on my site into plants and stones. What do you get when you arrange plants and stones together? Gardens.

The gardens page is like a map full of places to explore. I try to plant related notes and the writing of others into gardens so that entire themes can be explored in one place.


These are my posts by category. If you want to see what I've written or collected about fear, faith, or formation, this is another place you can start.

Every word has two superscript numbers. The first indicates how many writings are my original works, and the second the works of others. In my site's language, plants (my organic thoughts) and stones (landmarks from others).

I borrowed the concept for this page from a website called Barns Worth Burning.


I use search frequently. I'll remember a word or phrase of what I'd written, but not what the post was titled. This will search all the text in nearly every piece of my writing.

And the Beyond

I frequent a number of websites myself. If you wanna follow me into other places, check out the Blog Roll.

You can reach me via email to acbilson (at) ofchaosandorder (dot) com.