Blog Roll

Here’s a list of other independent blog writers that I follow and from whom I draw inspiration.

Rachel by the Bay - She inspires me to keep writing and allow my opinions into my work.

Scott Hanselman - He inspires me to write about more than technology, and to think of my writing as a resource for myself first.

Julia Evans - A lovely web page from an artistic programmer with a knack for explaining technical concepts.

Michael Descy - The original encouragement to write a blog. Never met the man, but thanks for putting your thoughts up for the public!

Dan Moore - Dan’s post encouraging developers to try contracting helped me maintain steam as a technology consultant. Buy his book on the Apress website.

Max Böck - Max’s blog has a litany of resources to make one’s personal website beautiful and interconnected. One of the first blogs I read that piqued my interest in the IndieWeb.

Madison Taskett - I’ve had a blast reading Madison’s heartfelt and personal posts. Few writers express themselves on the web so openly that I regularly consider reaching out to them to say “thank you.”

Victoria Drake - Her site is gorgeous, and her writing has the right balance between concise and simple. All the little tidbits, like the SQL statement for her related posts section, make it one of my favorite sites to visit.

Tom MacWright - Tom’s site is minimalist, which is perfect considering the huge amount of content. I enjoy reading his posts because of his eclectic depth.

Ben Werdmüller - Like Tom, Ben has eclectic depth. I suppose it’s because they both write about the direction of the Internet, politics, and their personal lives from time-to-time.
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