My name’s Alex, and I’m a refiner by trade and passion, an engineer of software and systems, a husband to the lovely Amie, father to Graham and baby incoming, and a follower of Jesus.

Share a hot beverage and I’ll talk your ear off about books, software, business strategy, language, history, and Jesus. Corner me in a crowded room and you’ll get nothing.

I am earnest, loyal, tenacious, analytical, and brave. If you become my friend, you’ll find I’m also silly, musical and creative.

To learn more about me from the aspect of work history, review my LinkedIn Profile.

To see what I’ve done with code, check out my Github Page.

From the perspective of the Enneagram, my results are a tie between a One (Reformer) and a Five (Investigator). My assessment is that I lean towards a One. Here’s a summary.

“Type One exemplifies the desire to be good, to live up to the highest ethical standards, and to effect positive changes in the world. While a number of types care about achieving goals, Ones are particularly aware of how they achieve their goals. Were they honorable? Did they use their resources wisely? They tend to see things in terms of long-range objectives, and they can be aware of how current actions might affect future situations.

Most Ones report feeling a powerful sense of mission, a deep feeling of purpose that they remember from their early childhood. This sense of mission impels Ones to rise to their highest standards, to make personal sacrifices, and to evaluate themselves regularly to see if they are falling short of their ideals. They feel that they must live a balanced, sensible life in order to have the clarity and inner resources necessary to fulfill their purpose.

Ones also have deep convictions about right and wrong, what is just and unjust. They are often dedicated to reform and social causes since they feel personally obligated to improve the world and leave it a better place. They put themselves on the line for their values and ethical convictions—if it means risking their jobs, their fortunes, or even their lives.

While Ones tend to see themselves as people of logic and reason, they are often driven by strong feelings and impulses—usually experienced as personal convictions. Because they so strongly feel that they must accomplish their life mission, they conclude that they must be serious and determined and must not waste time. They can become very strict with themselves, feeling they must always be working toward their ideals, “making progress,” and pointing out how things could be improved. They are extremely conscientious about how they use their time and resources. They make lists, organize things, and constantly prioritize their activities.

In brief, Ones want to be right, to strive higher and improve everything, to be consistent with their ideals, to justify themselves, and to be beyond criticism.”

Save for being a polyglot, I’m geared to be a modern-day renaissance man. There are few subjects that don’t fascinate me; if it were not for time limitations, I’d study everything. Here are a few of the subjects I think about weekly, in alphabetical order:

Biblical Theology • Budgeting • CLIs • Career Development • Conflict Resolution • Discipleship • Discovery Bible Study • Entrepreneurship • Goal-setting • Guitar • Information Security • Koine Greek • Language/Culture • Leadership • Memorization • Plaintext • Productivity • Project Management • Psychology/Trauma • Sketching • Storytelling • Through-hiking • World History • Writing

Amie Graham and I

Chicago, IL, United States

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