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Politics I’d like to do some more research on the factual claims Charlie O’Donnell makes, but this is a compelling explanation for the confusing decisions of the Republican Party in the past few years. Also in the political vein, this article by KK Ottesen is a compelling argument for the rise of an American insurgency. Also read Barbara Walter’s Is the US heading towards a civil war? One more. What is this book, The Turner Diaries?…

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What an eclectic site! I really enjoy this visual insight into the experience of Internet assault, Piled On. Brilliant research into the human experience for millenia through the viewport of break-making, Bread. I had no idea that the UK has published a very detailed explanation of how to properly document a public API. A journey into the use of the Internet for self-expression and self-work Homepage. More bad news for work-from-home patterns Working Through COVID.…

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“I don’t have to be smart about a topic, I just have to have been keeping notes for longer than most people would think reasonable.” This reminds me of Bob Goldmann, something he would say. Matt Webb, https://interconnected.org/home/2022/05/27/apps

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If my boys live to old age, they will see the dawn of 2100. What will they need? Above all, they’ll need the same that I need - Jesus. But how can I transmit to them all the anguish, the rage, the weeping and groaning that has driven me towards the cloud of fire and smoke? Or the joy, the beauty, the longing and the passion that has beckoned me into the courts of Yahweh?…

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TODO: Add diagram. The shape of our two primary political party’s response to COVID demonstrates the great need we have for multiple dominant parties. In the early stages of the pandemic, it was the Democratic party’s response that proved most human. Most Democrats were swift to listen to scientific guidance and protect the vulnerable, to release funds and organize a coherent response. The Republican party, in contrast, quibbled with the scientific community, claimed moral superiority in upholding freedom at the expense of the vulnerable, and balked at even modest capital expenditure.…

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Where’d these come from?! Something to listen to later, possibly much later… Interview with Ted Kim, John Mark McMillan, Andy Squyres, and Paul Anleitner about Re-Enchantment Interview with Ted Kim, John Mark McMillan, Andy Squyres, and Paul Anleitner about the Post-Modern Age

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Gotta write a short parenting article about this: https://www.biospace.com/article/researchers-answer-how-and-why-infants-die-from-sids/ This was one of the first Rick-based decisions we had to make as new parents, and the first time (but not the last) that research papers factored into our decision.

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My programming language comprehension has drifted and it’s made language selection more complicated. I might choose to write a program in C#, JavaScript, Go, Rust, or Python (not to mention HTML/SCSS and T-SQL). Most enterprise software I’ve built is in C# and Typescript, with some SQL. My own services run either Python or Go. The ambiguity regularly makes we long for standardization. I spent a little while last year attempting to build C# podman images but found the build resources were too high and the image size was bloated.…