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Hiring is an anxiety-producing process. You don’t know me, I don’t know you, a poor match costs us both. Ugh.

This page aims to ease your aprehensions by laying out, in plain terms, where my career journey has taken me and where I think it’s heading next.

Alex's Technology Journey


Engineering Skills

Programming Languages

Language Acumen
Python 9 out of 10
TypeScript 9 out of 10
C# 8 out of 10
SCSS 8 out of 10
T-SQL 7 out of 10
Rustlang 6 out of 10
Golang 5 out of 10


Frontend Frameworks

Framework Acumen
AngularJS & RxJS 9 out of 10
Python Flask & uWSGI 9 out of 10
Web Components & Lit 8 out of 10
ReactJS & Redux 7 out of 10


Backend Frameworks

Framework Acumen
Python Flask & uWSGI 9 out of 10
.NET Core & Entity Framework Core 8 out of 10


DevOps Tools

Tool Acumen
Podman & SystemD 9 out of 10
Docker & Compose 9 out of 10
Hugo SSG 9 out of 10
Ansible 8 out of 10
Rancher & Kubernetes 7 out of 10


SysAdmin Tools

Tool Acumen
Neovim 10 out of 10
PowerShell 9 out of 10
Bash shell 8 out of 10
Postman 9 out of 10


Source Control

Tool Acumen
Git 9 out of 10
Mercurial 8 out of 10



Database Acumen
MS SQL 8 out of 10
Sqlite 8 out of 10
Flat files 8 out of 10


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Achievement Stories

And here are a few stories of my accomplishments.

Call report parser

Purpose Our team advises banks and credit unions based on hundreds of public data points and ratios. For the best advice, we need the most accurate, current data. The regulatory bodies that publish this data operate on a quarterly schedule, pushing out massive volumes of numbers every three months. Banks and Credit Unions, however, publish corrections to their reports, called call reports, throughout the quarter which are not reflected in the bulk quarterly data.…

Regulatory crawler

Purpose Our advisors regularly scan three websites for new regulatory information that’s relevant to the banks and credit unions that we serve. There are thousands of regulatory articles, so it’s a lot to dig through. Relevant articles are manually added to our system for clients to review. But it’s a tedious process that prevents our advisors from more valuable work. The regulatory crawler project’s aim is to find new regulatory information and load it into our system so that our advisors merely need to approve articles for them to be highlighted to our clients.…

Ratio sorting page

Purpose Our team serves banks and credit unions by supplying keen analysis and timely advice. We do this in many ways across the firm, but our team focuses exclusively on the analysis of public data, such as balance sheets and income statements, and drills down from the basic numbers into a wealth of ratios. Users of our software have numerous pages to review aspects of their business. They can review the health and risk-aversion of their assets under our Asset Quality tab, or jump over to Earnings for a breakdown of many relevant data points and ratios.…

Jordan field support

I wanted to equip the Jordan team with solid preparation, on-field support, and a smooth re-entry so that they would be effective, unified, and ready to move forward. I’d never been in the situation they would experience nor would I be present with them. Also, I didn’t have sufficient man-power to receive them back well. I decided to participate in all their meetings to remain connected to their needs. I spent time each day praying for individual members and taking action to meet their needs.…

One man wedding planner

I wanted to visit India with my fiancée and plan our wedding during our five month engagement. The timeline was tight, most resources were designed to span a year of wedding planning, she would be out of the country for a month, and the location was in another state at a place we’d never been. First, we planned out our trip to India. We organized the trip with our host and defined our expectations in detail.…

Angular architecture

It’s a strange and unfortunate pattern that my day-to-day work rarely makes it into my writing. This article rectifies that pattern by exploring a large project I recently completed. One of my strengths is the design of systems and architecture. I don’t claim to always make the best choice, but I am more likely than my peers to make a thoughtful, comprehensive review of our available designs, weigh the pros/cons, and diagram an architecture that makes the most business sense.…

Business analysis for legal counsel

A lawyer from England, whom we’ll call Mr. George, contacted me while I was at Relativity to find a software solution to his problem. In a legal dispute, both parties are required to share what evidence they have relevant to the case. Retrieving evidence is called the discovery process. When legal representatives share notes, they include context and document references to develop the case story. Lawyers share a version of these case notes with opposing counsel, and another version with their law associates.…

MBA Consulting Thesis

The capstone of my MBA program was a six-month consulting project with a 100-page thesis. On request, I’ve obscured the name of the company and its employees. I had a little fun with it and used C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia as my inspiration. Here it is! UPDATE: I’ve observed that mobile browsers struggle to embed PDF files. If you’re on a mobile browser and see only the first page, here’s a link to download the file: Thesis.…

Multi repository madness

A few months ago, three colleagues and I added a new feature to a legacy .NET application. One of the technical challenges we faced was the distributed nature of the application’s codebase. Background The code history was originally stored in Subversion (SVN), but the organization had shifted its active repositories from SVN to Git in early 2019. One of the carry-overs from the original was a multi-repository structure. To build the app to which we’d add features, each local machine needed to clone eight repositories.…