Every day gets us closer to our South Dakota move. Our condo was put on the market a couple days ago. We thought that we’d find a home to purchase before the end of May, but that’s not looking likely so we may rent after all.

We’ve had a lovely stretch without much sickness, but somehow it still finds us every couple weeks or so. It was about three weeks that Amie had a fever, aches, dizziness and chills. All the same symptoms are back today. If it goes like last time, I’ll have the same in three days.

The boys have soccer practice every Thursday, courtesy of Devonshire Montessori. They’ve both enjoyed it I think, though Royal, to our astonishment, is taking many weeks to warm to participating. Each week he gets a little closer: first, it was sitting on Anne’s lap (she’s the teacher), then rolling on the ground, then rolling on the ball, on the ground.

I’m waiting for Royal to sleep. Since we moved him to the bottom bunk it’s taken longer to put him to sleep. He already has recurrent sleep issues and is now also able to walk out the door. So I’m sitting here outside the door, periodically asking him to get back in bed. Eventually I will get what’s left of the night to myself; maybe an hour.

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