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Graham and I were getting special drinks to celebrate the start of the Sabbath when we were approached by a camera crew who wanted to hear how we felt about the rising COVID risk. Since I’ve spent many hours thinking about this subject, I foolishly thought I should offer my opinion.

Not that the interviewer did anything to make me feel a fool; they were professional. No, as I walked away I replayed the quips I’d made about danger, vaccination, and precautions. Even if they tried, I don’t think I could be made to appear more foolish than what I freely offered.

I said that we follow CDC guidelines, but in the spotlight I couldn’t remember them. I tried to explain how difficult it’s been as a parent, but I couldn’t recall any of the many times we’ve scrambled to find a test for the boys, or the many obstacles children continue to face.

I’m quite humiliated at how silly I can be when put in front of a camera. For a more reasonable response (not that anyone will ever see my interview) here is an open letter I wrote to the mayor of Evanston. I’m not concerned about the rise in cases in our city because, even though the data my post relies on is no longer current, I have not read of a change in circumstance.