This painting is encouraging to me at this time because I’ve also been meditating on eternal life.

While we live in this temporal life friendship and camaraderie are haunted by fear of loss. The older I become, the more friendships I enjoy, the more barbs of sadness I seem to carry in the friendships that have grown dim by distance and time. But humans aren’t meant to be pincushions of sadness and loss. The promise of eternal life offers a path out from sadness towards hope.

As Jesus rose from the dead with a body unconstrained by space, and since time is a function of space (thanks Einstein), then time also will be for us an endless present, unfettered from the curse of decay. The friendships represented in fingerprint leaves will life on in eternal present, unspoiled by time and distance. Though now I grieve that I may not again enjoy the company of many friends whom I love, I shall yet break bread with them in a fresh reality where goodbye will be erased from our vocabulary.

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