This letter is the least I can do for Devonshire Montessori and the parents who learned on their way to drop their children at school that their trip was in vain. This is just the kind of bullshit that has crushed parents for years now.


I am a father of two boys age 4 and 2. This morning I learned that my youngest’s class will be closed all week for a positive COVID case. The case was present last week, May 11th. That’s 5 days from today, but it will be 12 days before next Monday. The school received this determination at 7:37 a.m. this morning Monday May 16.

Your policy for some time now has been to quarantine exposed children for 5 days with a PCR test. When and why did this suddenly change? Or was this determination a mistake?

When you change your policy and give no warning to parents and schools you leave us both in an impossible situation. I would appreciate an answer to my previous question but, even more, I would like to know how I may best contact your organization’s leadership to express my disappointment and lobby for change, especially since your phone number 847 933 8252 cannot receive calls because the inbox is full.

UPDATE: A nurse called me on the 24th of May in response to my letter. She kindly explained what happened and expressed her apologizes at the constantly changing rules. I am so grateful for the follow-up.

Apparently, the reason this particular case was modified from a five-day quarantine to ten days was purely because the school couldn’t vouch for 100% mask wearing in their toddler classroom. Fancy that, they couldn’t promise that a bunch of two-year-olds always kept their masks on. Anyways.

From the nurse’s description, it sounds like it’s been a major challenge to keep current on the latest CDC guidelines and apply them on each case for every school in the district.

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