Chris Gow’s analysis of the Parable of the Sower was worth a re-listen and a long ponder. On my walk with Jesus this afternoon the unfairness of grace was used by the Spirit to expose why I’m resistant to pray for a beautiful home for our family in Rapid City, SD. In the world I live in, the world Ben so poignantly describes, I am so aware of my littleness and unworthiness against the backdrop of human agony that I am offended that the King of History would give us any kind of preferential treatment. Yet He does that, doesn’t He? He binds Himself to Abram, even though His covenant drags His Name into disrepute and puts Him in the impossible situation of defending and blessing a sinner. There’s no explaining it: He’s absolutely mad in His relentless commitment to grace.

So, without bartering or offended silence, to the glory of Jesus' radical grace, I ask that the Father would give us a beautiful, restful abode for our family in the Black Hills.

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