Amie’s birthday surprise began with a Graeter’s ice cream cake, vanilla bean with chocolate. Royal’s pick.

Maya, our upstairs neighbor and babysitter for the evening, came down at 6:00, and we were out the door before 6:10. Amie didn’t know where we were going, though she had an inkling.

We parked in a private back alley (thanks SpotHero!) and walked down Broadway looking for a dinner spot. Amie chose Cere’s Table. Delicious.

The food was so good we almost missed our event, the Blue Man Group! We jogged the two blocks to Briar Street Theatre and arrived right at 8:00.

Amie said the show was surprisingly funny and she hadn’t expected so much audience participation. The smoke bothered her throat a little, but overall she had a magnificent time. Me too!

Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures so here’s one of Amie from a few days back.

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