My grandparents were in town for my cousin Colby’s boot camp graduation at Great Lakes Naval Center. It was great to see them, and especially to introduce Royal to his great-grandfather (Papaw).

A visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens with the boys is a must.
Royal takes a short time to warm up, but then he'll snuggle right in!

While they played with the boys, Amie and I toured the Oak Park Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. The pictures don’t do the tour justice, but here are a couple to jog my own memory.

This was Wright's home, where he lived with his servants, wife, and six children.
This gentleman has been giving volunteer tours here for twenty-six years.
The children's playroom. Wright felt that, while bedrooms were of little importance, a room built for his children's play was crucial. Everything is to a child's scale, and just behind me sits a Steinway and upper balconies for puppet shows.
If I was ever to build a house, it would be in Wright's Prairie style.

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